The “Behind the Scenes” Interview About our Futuredaze Kickstarter

Hannah Strom-Martin and I were interviewed by Linda K. Sienkiewicz about our Futuredaze Kickstarter. Check out our interview in which we discuss everything from how we approached the Kickstarter project to how we came up with our ideas and what inspired our editorial choices.futuredaze-cover-hi-res2

Linda is a terrific writer herself, and it was an honor to be interviewed by her. We hope you enjoy The Art of Anthology, with the editors of Futuredaze, a YA Science Fiction Collection. We had a great time with this interview. Thank you Linda!!!

We definitely have some new projects in the works. So……. stay tuned.

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Read the Introduction for Futuredaze for Free!

The “Introduction” for Futuredaze is now available online for free at Amazing Stories Magazine. So, this is your chance to dip into the thoughts and ideas that inspired Hannah Strom-Martin and me to take on our Kickstarter project that made Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction possible.

futuredaze-cover-hi-res2I hope you enjoy reading the “Introduction” to Futuredaze. You can also pick up a copy at any online retailer or from your local bookstore.

Happy reading!

Buy Now

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Interview with Trenna Keating (Doc Yewll) of SyFy’s Defiance

As you know, I’ve started blogging for Amazing Stories Magazine, which has been a lot of fun. One of my newest adventures was getting to interview Trenna Keating who plays Doc Yewll on SyFy’s new hit show Defiance. Yep. She’s the coolest new alien to hit the big or little screen since …. well, Chewbacca in my opinion. She’s just as witty and sharp as our lovable Wookie friend, except you can actually understand what she’s saying.

Come check out my interview with Trenna Keating, aka the witty and wry Indogene alien known as Doc Yewll.

P.S. My spell checker says that “Chewbacca” should be spelled “Chewable”. I find that amusing. So, I thought I’d just toss out that odd little factoid for you all to enjoy.

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Futuredaze Reviewed by Booklist

Booklist has reviewed Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction. Here’s a quick snippet from the review, but you can read the entire piece on Booklist Online’s website.


Standout stories include “Spirk Station,” by Chuck Rothman, in which a space-station Valley Girl learns a lesson; “A Voice in the Night,” by Jack McDevitt, featuring a youthful Alex Benedict; and a novel solution to bullying in “Me and My Army of Me,” by Katrina Nicholson. All of the stories are refreshingly short, 10 pages or fewer, encouraging readers to read the next and the next until the book is gobbled down. Fun for fans familiar with adult sf, and an enticing gateway for those new to the genre. –Lynn Rutan, Booklist

Thank you, Booklist!

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Review: Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow ~ Enter the Contest!

 I’ve recently begun blogging for Amazing Stories Magazine, which is a great online magazine that includes some fantastic reviews, essays, general commentary, etc about all things science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Amazing Stories has published my review of Ellen Datlow’s new anthology Hauntings. Even better, I’m giving away a free copy of the anthology and the contest is open WORLDWIDE. So be sure to read the review and enter the contest to win a copy of Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow. 

Please note that you do have to be a member of Amazing Stories to post comments (which is how you enter the contest), but membership is free and SUPER easy!

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Special Futuredaze for Kindle Offer $1.99 ~ Ends at Midnight!

futuredaze-cover-hi-res2For those of you still waiting to pick up your Kindle version of Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science fiction, this is your chance! For today only, ending at midnight on June 25th, you can purchase a copy of Futuredaze for $1.99.

Get Futuredaze for Kindle now!

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A Short Blogging/Puppy Hiatus–Introducing Doc


DOC (aka The Doctor Underwood)

If you’re wondering where the blog posts have gone…. well, the puppy ate them! Yes, Underwords has a new puppy and his name is Doc. Yes. Doc as in The Doctor (aka The Doctor Underwood), but we call him Doc for short.

He’s a miniature dachshund whose parents are on the smaller side. He’s about 11 weeks old right now, and I think he’s finally grown beyond the “teacup” size into a solid “coffee mug”. He’s a really beautiful chocolate brown with splashes of golden color on his paws and nose. Clearly, it looks like he jumped into a honey pit.

So, I thought you might enjoy meeting the new puppy so that you all know where my blogging time has gone. I promise more blogging about all things SF, fantasy and horror will be starting again soon….

In the meantime, here are a few photos of Doc for your viewing enjoyment:


This was the first photo of Doc when he was maybe a few days old. Tom said he looked a bit like a tinsy tiny werewolf, which convinced me that Doc would be right at home with the Underwoods.

Doc 3

This is Doc today. He is standing upon the living room ottoman, surveying his new kingdom and wondering where he put that little dinosaur toy that he loves.

Doc 4

Here’s Doc in a moment of quiet reflection as he ponders the great questions of the day … i.e. When will breakfast be served? …. Where did that dinosaur toy go? …. How did I get on the ottoman? …. I think I see the CAT!

Doc 1

Here we have Doc petitioning Lucky, the current reigning Queen of Hawkes Street, as he requests a few minutes of time with her blue snowman toy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Doc. I’m sure you’ll see pictures of him cropping up here and there in the future.

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YA Scavenger Hunt — Join the Adventure!

Welcome to the YA Scavenger Hunt! There are TWO contests going on simultaneously, and you can enter them both! I am a part of the RED TEAM–but there is also a blue team, which give you a chance to win a completely different set of twenty-five signed books!

All you have to do is add up the clues and enter the winning code for your chance to win the grand prize contest–one lucky winner will receive a signed book from each author on The Hunt from The Red Team! But play fast: this contest (and all the exclusive bonus material) starts on April 4th at noon (PST), and ends on Sunday, April 7th at noon!

This tri-annual event was first organized by author Colleen Houck as a way to give readers a chance to find exciting new authors, gain access to exclusive bonus material from their favorite authors…and get a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Visit the official YA Scavenger Hunt page to learn more about The Hunt, view links to the participating authors, and the list of prizes!

Solve the Puzzle

Directions: I’ve listed my favorite number below. Collect the favorite numbers from all of the authors on the red team, add them up, and discover the winning number (don’t worry, you can use a calculator!). Go to the go to the entry form and enter the winning number to submit your official entry. Only entries that have the correct number will qualify.

Contest Rules: Open internationally. Anyone under the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit the completed entry form by Sunday, April 7th at noon Pacific Time. Entries submitted without the correct number, without contact information, or after the deadline will not be considered. The winner will be chosen at random from the qualified entries for each team.

Meet the Author: Lea Nolan

Today, I am hosting Lea Nolan on my website for the YA Scavenger Hunt!

Lea Nolan writes the kinds of stories she sought as a teen—smart paranormals with bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. She’s holds degrees in history and women’s studies concentrating in public policy and has worked in  health care policy for nearly twenty years. She lives in Maryland with her heroically supportive husband and three clever children. Her debut YA novel, CONJURE, is the first book one in The Hoodoo Apprentice Series.

Find out more information by checking out Lea’s website or find more about CONJURE here!

Get Exclusive Content 

CONJURE by Lea Nolan

Be careful what you search for…Emma Guthrie expects this summer to be like any other in the South Carolina Lowcountry–hot and steamy with plenty of beach time alongside her best friend and secret crush, Cooper Beaumont, and Emma’s ever-present twin brother, Jack. But then a mysterious eighteenth-century message in a bottle surfaces, revealing a hidden pirate bounty. Lured by the adventure, the trio discovers the treasure and unwittingly unleashes an ancient Gullah curse that attacks Jack with the wicked flesh-eating Creep and promises to steal Cooper’s soul on his approaching sixteenth birthday. But when a strange girl appears bent on revenge, demon dogs become a threat, and Jack turns into a walking skeleton, Emma has no choice but to learn hoodoo magic to undo the hex, all before summer—and her friends—are lost forever.

Check out Lea’s special content for The YA Scavenger Hunt and read this short excerpt from CONJURE’s deleted chapter.

I sprinkle the powder over the glowing chips. The herb mixture ignites as it hits the hot charcoal, spitting and crackling like tiny beads of gunpowder. A cloud of gray-green smoke billows up from the center of the pan.

The sky darkens as the clouds shift and converge, blocking out the sun.

Miss Delia thrusts Jack’s baseball cap at me. “Quick, fish out your brother’s hair and add it to the pan.”

I tug the jet-black strand from the inside of the brim. It’s straight and coarse, almost like a strand of wire, and way thicker than mine. Definitely Jack’s. As I toss it onto the coals, Miss Delia grasps my hand and chants, “As dawn breaks night, and heat melts ice, turn back this curse and restore Jack’s life.”

A blast of wind barrels across the backyard, whipping the rear of the house and rattling the windows. A ghostly moan surrounds the bottle tree.

A flash bursts in the pan, and a fireball leaps into the air, blowing the powdered mixture all over the kitchen and us. A split second later, the flames collapse on themselves, retracting back into the pan with a loud sucking sound that smothers all the heat. Even the charcoal has stopped glowing.

Miss Delia starts, then leans toward the quiet pan, holding her hand above the coals that blazed just a second ago. Her eyes are fixed in stunned confusion. I lift my hand and hold it next to hers. There’s no residual heat. It’s completely cool. Miss Delia pokes a tentative finger at a charcoal chip. It disintegrates into a heap of ash.

Suddenly a loud and ferocious bark booms from outside Miss Delia’s kitchen window. Deep and gravelly, it’s almost more of a roar than a bark. The yowl repeats, brutal in its persistence, filling my stomach with dread. I spring off my stool and race to the window to see what’s outside.

A giant black dog with long, glossy fur and electric yellow eyes stands in the middle of Miss Delia’s herb garden, howling its enormous head off. It’s at least as big as a pony, but I’m sure it’s a dog.

Some kind of crazy-eyed, half-Newfoundland, half-Doberman beast.


Remember to enter the Red Team’s contest for your chance to win a bunch of signed books–including books by me, Lea Nolan, Suzanne Lazear and more! To enter, you need to know that my favorite number is 31. Once you’ve collected all of the Red Team’s favorite numbers, add them together and you’ll have the secret code to enter for the grand prize!

Continue your quest to complete the hunt and visit Suzanne Lazear! But before you go, here’s…

~Your Extra Chance to Win~
a Copy of Futuredaze

futuredaze-cover-hi-res2In addition to the YA Scavenger Hunt contest, I’m also running my own contest. Enter here to win a signed copy of FUTUREDAZE. The entry with the most points wins! If there is a tie, those contestants will be entered into a random drawing to determine the winner. This contest is open internationally. If you are under 18 years old, please be sure to get your parent’s permission to enter.

How to get your points (one point per item, 4 total):

NOTE: If you already follow or like any of these pages on Twitter or Facebook, give yourself a point since you can’t “like” me twice…even though I wish you could. :-)

Thanks for participating. The Scavenger Hunt and my extra contest are both closed now.

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Teen Literature Event: Futuredaze Reading at Spirit of ’76 Bookstore

Futuredaze-cover-hi-resSpecial Event featuring Science Fiction for Young Adults

Join us at Spirit of ’76 Books for a fun filled event in which teens read excerpts of science fiction short stories and poetry from Futuredaze! A reception and book signing will follow with Marblehead resident Erin Underwood, the anthology’s co-editor and publisher.

“Futuredaze is a fantastic choice for YA (and older) readers who enjoy science fiction and fantasy.” –ForeWords Reviews

“This is a great anthology, offering some of the strongest YA fiction I’ve seen in years. There’s something for everyone here, and not just young adults, but the not-so-young adults too.” Tangent Online

Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction includes 33 original short stories and poems that spark the imagination, twist the heart, and make us yearn for the possibilities of a world yet to come. Reflecting many of the ideals first set forth by science fiction icons such as Isaac Asimov, George Orwell, and Ray Bradbury, Futuredaze challenges the imagination with young adult fiction that includes far-flung futures, dystopian alternate worlds, life among the stars, and a host of startling stories that embrace the idea of “What if?”

Spirit of 76 Books

Date: April 6, 2013
Time: 11:00 am
Location:  Spirit of ’76 Bookstore
107 Pleasant Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

Young adults aged 12 to 18 are encouraged to drop off in advance or write a one-paragraph statement at the event on “why they like to read science fiction” to be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of Futuredaze. Two winners will be chosen at random.

Interested in being one of our teen readers?

If you’re a teen in the Marblehead, MA area and you’re interested in reading a story excerpt or a poem from Futuredaze at the reading on April 6th, please contact Erin Underwood at

We look forward to seeing you there!


Directions to the Spirit of ’76

Spirit 76 Map107 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, MA 01945

From the south, take Rt 95/Rt 128 North. At the split, stay on Rt. 128N towards Gloucester. Take exit 25A (Rt 114 East, Salem/Marblehead). Follow winding Rt 114 east through Peabody and Salem, approx. 6.5 miles to Spirit of ‘76 Bookstore, 107 Pleasant St., Marblehead. (Pleasant St. is Rt. 114 in Marblehead). The bookstore is located at the intersection of Pleasant and School Streets, the 7th traffic light after crossing the townline into Marblehead on Rt. 114.

From the north, take Rt. 95 south to Rt. 1 south at Danvers exit. Follow Rt. 1 approx. 1.5 miles to Rt. 114 east exit. Follow Rt. 114 east past North Shore Shopping Center then winding through Peabody and Salem to Marblehead where Rt 114 becomes Pleasant Street. The bookstore is located at the intersection of Pleasant and School Streets, the 7th set of traffic lights after crossing into Marblehead on Rt. 114.

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Check out the Q&A for Futuredaze on Bitten by Books

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Bitten by Books site to ask our Futuredaze authors and editors their questions about the anthology. Putting together a science fiction anthology for young adults has been a wonderful experience. I have to say, the whole publication process has been great so far. I am so pleased with the positive responses that we’ve had to Futuredaze, but getting to interact with readers and answer their questions was a delight. futuredaze-cover-hi-res2

If you’d like to stop by Futuredaze’s live chat page, the Q&A session hosted by Bitten by Books is still up. The contest is over, but you can still ask questions and read along to hear what our authors had to say.

You can also pick up a copy of Futuredaze on, Barnes & Noble, or at your local bookstore.

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