Art and Science – A Beautiful Literary Video

This isn’t typically what you’ll find on UNDERWORDS, but it’s a beautifully constructed video that blends science and spoken prose poetry together in a captivating multimedia format. The web really has done wonders for bridging the gap between art and science, providing a more commonly accessible middle ground for these two communities to interact and develop. Art and science are not all that different.

This is our universe, can you comprehend it?

About Erin Underwood

BIO: Erin Underwood is the senior event content producer for MIT Technology Review’s emerging technology events. On the side, she reads, writes, and edits SF.
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5 Responses to Art and Science – A Beautiful Literary Video

  1. Reminds me a bit of the Universe Scale. If you haven’t seen it, you should google it. Fascinating perspective.


  2. Nancy Holder says:

    Erin, I just loved that video. Very moving. I stepped out of a supernova. And so did you.

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