Signal Boost: Free Short Fiction from Nancy Holder

As a Valentine’s Day gift to her fans, Nancy Holder posted her short story “Blood Gothic” online for free. Go now and read her award winning story. It will be online through February.

From Nancy’s web site post:

Happy Valentine’s Day, straight from my (staked) heart to yours. Please enjoy “Blood Gothic,” my Valentine to you. “Blood Gothic” was the first short story I ever sold, and the one that has been reprinted the most.

I met the famous horror writer and editor, Charles L. Grant, through his wife, Kathy Ptacek. Kathy and I were attending a romance convention in Manhattan, and Charlie was hosting a cocktail party for the Nebula Awards. Kathy and I cabbed it on over to the party, and I was so nervous I could barely get two words out. Charlie told me he was accepting stories for Shadows 8, and wondered if I had anything to send him? I told him I had a vampire story. He visibly winced, and I almost didn’t send it to him.

With lots of Valentine’s Day hugs and kisses,

Read “Blood Gothic”.

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