Fight Cancer with Books: Vampire Book Club Auction (signed copy of Ghost Story by Jim Butcher)

We’ve all been touched in some way by cancer–a disease that took my mother. When my friend Chelsea contacted me about a fundraiser she is running on her blog (Vampire Book Club) to help raise money to support cancer research, I jumped at the chance to help. I’ve donated a signed 1st edition copy of Ghost Story by Jim Butcher to the Vampire Book Club’s auction. I hope you all visit the auction and find something there that you would like to bid on to help support the fight against cancer.

Here’s a blurb from Vampire Book Club (VBC) about the auction:

I’ve decided to use VBC this weekend to raise money for the Barrow Neurological Institute. They research brain cancer, especially the most aggressive and uncommon types. Their research and experimental medicines managed to extend my dad’s life much longer than expected and improve his quality of life early on. While they weren’t able to slow his cancer or save his life, they do amazing work. They just don’t know enough yet to be able to stop brain cancer.

You can view the full post here to learn more about the auction.

Here’s a direct link to the page that explains how to bid on Ghost Story signed by Jim Butcher. If you know how much I love Jim Butcher, you know how big of a deal it is that I am donating my signed copy of Ghost Story to Vampire Book Club’s auction, raising money to fight cancer.

Below is a photo of Jim Butcher signing Ghost Story at the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA.





Go now.

Spread the word.

Help us fight this deadly disease. 

Place your bid for Ghost Story & the other books included in VBC’s first set of auction books.

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