Whispers and Rumors: We Interrupt this Message…Again!

Rumors. Whispers. Conspiracy theories. The world’s going crazy or something. I’m sitting here, trying to watch my television shows, and the news keeps cutting in with those medical stories. Come on. Fringe is on. Fringe! and Haven, too. Plus, The Walking Dead’s new season will begin anytime now. I can’t wait. That show is so totally cool! Still, zombies walking the Earth? Like that’s ever going to happen.

The news just cut in again. Some people in Florida, California, Colorado and New York are sick. Some people are calling it the Z-virus. Yeah, like zombies. For real. Hah! Seriously, do they need to cut into the precious few hours per day that I actually get to watch TV?

I’m sure it’s just that bird flu or H1N1 again. People really should go vegetarian or whatever, and stop eating chickens and pigs. Anyway, we’re on Martha’s Vineyard. So, I’m totally sure we’re safe from the Z-virus or whatever it is. Nothing ever happens here … other than a Nor’easter or two. Then again, there are the sharks, great whites. Big ol’ sharks just like in JAWS! You know that movie was filmed here. Best line ever: “We’re going to need a bigger boat” Now, that’s an OMG! moment.

The news just cut in again. Third time tonight. Someone in Boca Raton just died. Kind of… well…they’re not too sure. Anyway, where is Boca Raton? Geez, everyone is so freaked out. It’s not like we’re in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse 2012! Right? Like that would ever happen. 🙂

Maybe I’ll just go read a book. Maybe a little King or Gaiman. Perhaps a some Sookie Stackhouse or a juicy vampire novel. Oh, wait! How about that awesome book World War Z by Max Brooks or the new anthology Zombie Apocalypse!Fightback by editor Stephen Jones. Sounds good. Where’s my Kindle? I’m in the mood for some fiction!

Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse 2012!

~ ~ ~ ~

The Zombie Apocalypse 2012! is coming. Keep your eyes on the Internet to get your zombie updates and be sure to check out the Zombie Apocalypse 2012  information page to learn about the Zombie Squad and join in the Apocalyptic fun!

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  1. CuteJanessa says:

    It’s coming!!!!! Sans the bathz salts…

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  3. No shit! Read about what happened to me this morning:

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