Whew! We made it through. The Zombie Apocalypse is Over.

It was a crazy couple of days with tons of zombie sightings all over the U.S. Special thanks to all of the writers and readers who chipped in with a zombie post. We hope you enjoyed the Apocalypse! Check out the info page to see the Zombie Squad’s posts or visit Twitter to see the chatter online at #ZombieApoc2012.

Hopefully, we’ll see you again for the next apocalypse. Will it be zombies? Maybe. Vampires? Possibly. Ghosts? Hmmmmm…. We shall see!

Until the world is taken over again by unsightly monsters and creepy beings, we hope you stay safe and that you pick up a good book with which you discover all new wonders that lay upon the page.

You can also help to share in the fun by participating in All Hallows Read during the last week of October. Instead of handing out candy to the goblins, pirates, princesses, and cats who come knocking upon your door, why not share a book?

Here’s a blurb from the All Hallows Read website:

So what is All Hallow’s Read?
All Hallow’s Read is a Hallowe’en tradition. It’s simply that in the week of Hallowe’en, or on the night itself, you give someone a scary book. Scholars have traced its origins as far back as this blog post.

You can find out more on the All Hallows Read website. Also, keep you eye on Underwords for our special All Hallows Read contest that will be held later this month.

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BIO: Erin Underwood is the senior event content producer for MIT Technology Review’s emerging technology events. On the side, she reads, writes, and edits SF.
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  1. I love this site, direct in the favourites!

  2. All Hallow’s Read? I like the sound of that. Now, what book to give…

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