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Futuredaze has been reviewed by Tangent Online. You can read the entire review on Tangent’s website where they give a mini review for each short story within the anthology. However, for your convenience, here’s the summary statement for Futuredaze as a whole, which pleases me greatly.

Overall, this is a great anthology, offering some of the strongest YA fiction I’ve seen in years. There’s something for everyone here, and not just young adults, but the not-so-young adults too. In spite of this anthology’s issues, many of these stories offer something extra – that sought after one-punch sensibility; the kind which grips and stays with you long after closing the pages. Tangent Online, Barbara Melville

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futuredaze-cover-hi-res2During the submission process, when I read “The Cleansing” by Mark Smith-Briggs, I had tears in my eyes. I know I’m a softie, but Tangent’s review of Mark’s story echoed my own experience.

“The Cleansing” by Mark Smith-Briggs is proof you can have YA fiction with deeper themes. Our narrator is waiting for his grandfather to die – not from natural causes – but thanks to a worldwide lottery designed to reduce the population. We’re shown how both death and population crises can creep up on us, echoed when the grandfather’s execution is moved forward for no apparent reason. A sharp and heart-wrenching story.

Visit Tangent Online to read the rest of the Futuredaze (short story) reviews.

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