Futuredaze Updates

It seems time for a few quick updates for Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction. We just heard that Barnes & Noble will be stocking Futuredaze in some of their stores, which is terrific news. We’ve also have a new review coming out in ForeWords, which we should be able to share soon. Plus, the Futuredaze eBook is now available anywhere eBooks are sold.

In addition to being featured by Reading Teen and by John Scalzi, Futuredaze has  an online event coming up with Bitten by Books. More info on that will be coming soon. Also, my local newspaper (The Marblehead Reporter) is doing a feature on me and Futuredaze, and I’ll post that link as soon as it’s available. The photographer is coming on Saturday to take my picture. So far, getting my picture taken is the most nerve-wracking part of this whole process.

And on a personal, non-Futuredaze, note we’re adopting a new puppy who will be getting his own special blog post in April. 🙂 His name is Doc.

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2 Responses to Futuredaze Updates

  1. Nancy Holder says:

    This is fantastic! You guys are the best editors!

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