FYI: Geek Theater is Eligible for the 2014 Hugo Nominations

GeekTheater-small-lo-resIt’s time to submit your Hugo Awards Nominations for SF/F work published in 2014. I know there are a lot of people who read my blog who either don’t know much about the Hugo Awards or who don’t understand how to become eligible to nominate or vote for the Hugo Awards. I had to research the ins and outs of eligibility for Geek Theater, so I thought I’d share what I found with you.

On a side note, I just sent in my nominations for a bunch of awesome books, stories, and media such as the Supernatural episode “Fan Fiction”, which was probably the best episode of the entire series. And, yes, Geek Theater: 15 Plays by Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers (Underwords Press, 2014) edited by Jen Gunnels & Erin Underwood is eligible for the “Best Related Work” category.

So, back to what I found, while I’m not an expert on Hugo nominating eligibility, here’s how I believe it works: In order to vote, you need to have an attending membership for the World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon) that is taking place this year (Sasquan), took place last year (Loncon 3), or will take place next year (MidAmeriCon II). The other option is getting a supporting membership for the current year’s Worldcon, which would be Sasquan this year.

If you are/were an attending member of these Worldcons, you can look up your pin on the Sasquan website and you can print the paper Hugo nominations form. For more information, visit the “I Want to Vote” page on the Hugo Awards website. The due date for nominations is early March, and you can find more details regarding due dates on the Sasquan site.

There are lots and lots of amazing books, short stories, films, television shows, and more that came out in 2014 that are also eligible for the Hugo Awards–and they need your vote as well. The more people who nominate and vote, the more variety there are in the Awards…and that is a very good thing.

For everyone who sends in a nomination for a Hugo Award, good luck! I hope your nomination gets on the ballot!

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4 Responses to FYI: Geek Theater is Eligible for the 2014 Hugo Nominations

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  4. LOVE the vlog!! And I love the words”It’s about meeting Him half way and showing up at the hardest part.” That spoke a lot to me today. Needed to hear that. Thanks for being such a blessing!!

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