Graphic Novels Come to Life: Help a film get made, Neil Gaiman’s “The Price”

A graphic novel come to life. A video imaged. A unique film that needs your help.

Filmmaker Christopher Salmon is looking for your help to finish the production of THE GIFT, a short story by author Neil Gaiman. This project was dreamed up and created by Salmon without backing from any studio. He has brought Gaiman’s “The Price” to life in such a way that it combines animated film and graphic novels panels together without falling fully into one category or the other. The effect is amazing. Because this project doesn’t have a big production company backing it, he needs help raising funds to finish the film. This is where we can make a difference. I’ve made a contribution, and I hope you will, too.

View Salmon’s video clip:

Excerpt from Christopher Salmon’s website:

My name is Christopher Salmon and I am hard at work creating a CG film version of the short story The Price by award winning author Neil Gaiman. More than anything else, I want to share my vision with as many people as possible; in order to fund this film, I’ve turned to those who would most want to see it — all of you!!! By clicking on the Kickstarter button, you can visit my project page and learn how you can help change this from being just a dream (albeit a feverishly vibrant one) into living, breathing, fantastical reality! Whether you are a long-time Neil Gaiman fan or have just arrived at the party, this is a unique opportunity to participate in creating the kind of entertainment we all really want to see! No big studios, no bureaucratic “design-by-committee” dilution of artistic potential and integrity … just focused, passionate filmmaking driven by the pure desire to tell a story that has truly inspired me as well as I possibly can. Sound good? It can happen!!! Just click on the Kickstarter button and you’ll see how easy it is …

If you have the means, even $10 would help to make a difference, please take a chance and help this film get made.

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