Futuredaze: A Collection of YA Science Fiction
edited by Hannah Strom-Martin and Erin Underwood

Futuredaze will be an anthology for the next generation of science fiction readers. We’re looking for hard science fiction, soft science fiction, and everything in between. Think Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, George Orwell or Ray Bradbury with a YA focus..


Pop Fic Review 
edited by Hannah Strom-Martin & Erin Underwood
Publication Date: Dec 2011
Publisher: Underwords
Available through AmazonBarnes & NobleMysterious Galaxy

Review from Portland Press Herald (2/26/2012) — “For readers, the rewards of a collection like this come from the discovery of new authors or new pieces by writers whose work we already admire.”

Short Fiction


SFWA Bulletin: Bag of Holding–Never Underestimate the Power of a Writer coauthored by Nancy Holder and Erin Underwood

  • “Reading for Live Performances and Recordings” — Interview with Ellen Kushner, Tara Sands, and Jill Whitesides-Wood (Spring 2012, Vol. 46, Issue 2)
  • “The Art of Adaptation” — Interview with Neil Gaiman (Winter 2012, Vol. 46, Issue 1)
  • “Interview with Science Fiction Icon Frederik Pohl” (Fall 2011, Vol. 45, Issue 4)
  • “Diversity in YA Speculative Fiction” — Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi, Holly Black, Malinda Lao, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Cindy Pon (Summer 2011, Vol. 45, Issue 3)
  • “Digital Dorothy: Plugging into the Young Adult Social Media Network” (Spring 2011, Vol. 45, Issue 2)

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