Welcome to the Underwords Blog! My name is Erin Underwood, and this is my compendium of all things bloggery that range from audiobook reviews, interviews, and other miscellaneous items such as posts about science and technology. Yes, I do enjoy making up words like bloggery.

Sadly, I am unable to accept book review requests since the bulk of my reading right now is via audiobooks, and I prefer to pick and choose what I read based on a combination of my personal interests and my current time commitments and deadlines. I pay Audible.com gawdawful sums of money in order to consume 60-80 audiobooks per year, and in this way, I maintain direct control over my voice and opinions about audiobooks. In addition, I read a lot of articles that are science and fact based, and I enjoy sharing those articles here along with my own personal commentary in order to share my views.

One thing you will notice is that all of my book reviews are positive or mostly positive because I don’t have the time to read or write reviews for books that I don’t enjoy. I often don’t have time to review most of the books that I enjoy, which means the reviews that I post on Underwords are the audiobooks that I loved so much that I had to push other things aside in order to write a review. So, if you see a review here, you can depend upon it being a book that I thought was fantastic and worth sharing with others. The same goes for any articles that I share here. Like I said, I read a lot, and I try to make sure the articles that I share here are based upon fact and science.

Erin UnderwoodErin M. Underwood is the editor for Underwords Press, a small press that specializes in young adult science fiction anthologies.

She is also the editor of Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction, Futuredaze 2: Reprise, Geek Theater: 15 Plays by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, and The Grimm Future. Her fiction has appeared in various anthologies and her non-fiction regularly appears in the SFWA Bulletin and Amazing Stories Magazine. She is a nominee for the 2017 Fanzine Hugo Award for her editing work on Journey Planet.

Erin is currently serving as chair for Boskone 58, New England’s longest running science fiction and fantasy convention, and has also served in a variety of roles within the Program Committees of various Worldcons. During the day, she works as an event content producer for MIT Technology Review. She lives in Marblehead, MA.