Review: The Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott and Colette Freedman

Title: The Thirteen Hallows
Authors: Michael Scott & Colette Freedman
Publisher: TOR
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2852-6

When Sarah Miller saves an elderly woman from a brutal attack and robbery she soon learns that there was more to saving Judith Walker than the impulse to help an old lady hold onto her bag. Sarah is inexplicably pulled into an ancient struggle that dates back thousands of years as a mysterious enemy seeks to destroy everything around her in his attempt to claim the rusted piece of metal that Judith entrusted her to guard. The action in The Thirteen Hallows burns across every page from start to finish as Sarah risks everything to protect the sword in her effort to stop the encroaching hoard of demons from gaining access to our world.

The Thirteen Hallows is an exciting blend of fantasy, mystery, and modern day thriller. With every new revelation comes a new twist that digs Sarah more deeply into the secret of the hallows and pits her against an enemy who will stop at nothing to kill her, and anyone else who may stand in his way, as he seeks to bring the thirteen hallows together.

One of the most impressive things about The Thirteen Hallows is the extensive, yet intricate, web of historical facts that the authors weave into the novel, which helps to establish a solid sense of the story’s probably and elevates it from the status of “just another fantasy” to something that feels fresh and new. The Thirteen Hallows is a thoughtful, action packed novel that is the first in what is sure to be a very exciting new modern day fantasy/thriller series.

Readers who enjoy modern and urban fantasies with a taste of good old-fashioned epic fantasy elements will love this book. In addition, readers who enjoy thrillers, mysteries, and crime dramas and who are open to stories with fantastical themes will also find The Thirteen Hallows to be a fun and interesting ride into a very dark and dangerous world that is steeped in equal parts of history and ancient lore.

I have to thank the publisher for sending me The Thirteen Hallows because I hadn’t heard of it prior to being asked if I’d like to review it. I said, “yes,” thinking that it sounded interesting. However, interesting doesn’t come close to capturing how much I enjoyed this novel. I really loved it and I’m already looking for the next installment. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be well-written, extremely exciting, and very satisfying. The Thirteen Hallows was an exciting novel that was a joy to discover.

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  1. Jessica @ Taking It One Book at a Time says:

    I absolutely can not wait to read this! I have to thank you for turning me onto
    this even more 🙂

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