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Best Horror of the Year Vol 5 (2012) – Ellen Datlow is Looking for Reprint Stories

This is a signal boost for Ellen Datlow’s search for the best horror short fiction published in the calendar year of 2012. If you would like her to consider your story or anthology, please read the text from Ellen Datlow’s … Continue reading

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Horror Literature and the Monster Under the Bed: An Interview with Christopher Golden

Like many of the creatures that define the genre, horror refuses to die. Some might even say that it’s fighting tooth and nail from going gently into that good night. I for one am glad that horror has a seemingly … Continue reading

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Fans Keeping the Buffyverse Alive: An Interview with Shiai Mata, founder of SlayerLit

Fandom comes in all different shapes and sizes. For some it’s simply picking up the latest novel from your favorite author or tuning in for the next episode of your favorite television show. For others like me, it’s inviting your … Continue reading

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