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Fiction with a Bite: An Interview with Ellen Datlow

Not only is Ellen Datlow one of the nicest people you’re likely to meet, but she’s also one of the most talented editors in horror and dark fiction publishing. With over twenty-five years in the business, she has seen the … Continue reading

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Postcard Story #0: In Which Will Ludwigsen is Interviewed

Will Ludwigsen is a talented speculative fiction writer who has placed some terrific stories in magazines such as Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Strange Horizons, and Asimov’s Science Fiction as well as the Interfictions 2 anthology. For … Continue reading

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Review: Game of Thrones: Season One

Reviewed by Hannah Strom-Martin Author’s Note: There have been endless recaps and thematic analysis of Game of Thrones, the new HBO television show based on the Song of Ice and Fire Novels by author George R.R. Martin.  The Thrones blogging … Continue reading

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Underwords is Now Accepting Submissions for Reviews, Interviews, Etc.

When I started Underwords in November 2010, I thought it would be a fun project filled with interesting posts about literature and writing. It has been that and so much more! I’m thrilled that Underwords has become much more successful … Continue reading

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NPR’s New Poll: “Best Science Fiction, Fantasy Books? You Tell Us”

Okay, folks, this is it! Genre fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy, has gone to some pretty terrific places before, but when it goes to NPR…. Well, we all should hitch a ride to see what’s going on. What you’ll … Continue reading

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YA in Bloom – A New Author Event

Alethea Allarey from the book blog Read Now, Sleep Later has put together a terrific new event called YA in Bloom, which is sure to be a hit. She graciously agreed to a short interview to help explain what YA … Continue reading

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On the Joys of eBooking

In the early days of ePublishing, I had a difficult time trying to figure out why – WHY!?! – anyone in her right mind would prefer reading a story on a digital screen. Books are lovely! They’re beautifully designed. They … Continue reading

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Some Vampire Slayers Never Change

You got that right! Buffy and the Buffyverse are still hard at work trying to take care of people. Please come join the Slay-A-Thon and help to support children in need. Shiai Mata from SlayerLit, a good friend of Underwords, … Continue reading

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