Zombie Apocalypse 2012!

Post your own zombie sightings, and use the banner with a link back to this page: http://underwordsblog.com/special-features/zombie-apocalypse-2012/

Welcome to the
Zombie Apocalypse 2012!
October 6 & 7, 2012

Join fantasy, science fiction, and horror writers in a celebration of zombie fiction as we track and share our zombie apocalypse sightings and stories with the world. The dead have risen and they’re on the move. Keep your eye on the Internet for Zombie Apocalypse 2012 sightings near you or even post your own!

In an age when real life is often stranger than fiction and people now regularly use a variety of methods to check news, read books, and stay connected with each other, we thought it would be fun to create a fictional zombie event that will organically grow and spread through our social media networks so that everyone can share and participate in the Zombie Apocalypse 2012! This is like a zombie fiction flash mob….and, no, zombies aren’t real.

Join us with your own zombie stories as the Z-virus spreads across the Internet on October 6th and 7th and zombie fiction fills the net. By October 8th, the cure will be found or the world will be gone. So don’t wait to share your stories. All we ask is that you include a banner and a link back to this page to let everyone know what’s happening. While we can’t tell you how it all ends, we can find out together as we watch the net for new stories, sightings and news about the Zombie Apocalypse 2012!

Now, it might seem unnecessary to say at this point, but the Zombie Apocalypse 2012 is a fictional 2-day online event in which the undead will walk the “earth” from October 6-7, 2012!

That said, we’ve received several Internet reports via The Zombie Squad (our killer social network of authors posting zombie sightings) that the undead have surfaced just in time to help us celebrate Columbus Day weekend in the United States. So, the blogosphere, video channels, and social media networks…they’re all at risk of hosting posts about zombie related experiences. Why not post yours too?

Join the fun! Um…I mean join the battle against the undead by sharing your zombie texts, videos and audio clips with the world. Do it now because the midnight on Sunday, October 7th the zombies will be gone.

The Zombie Apocalypse 2012 is brought to you by the Zombie Squad–a group of writers who have pitched in with their own special zombie related posts in order to make this literary zombie catastrophe possible. Our goal is to promote reading both inside and outside of the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres as we cross mediums and blend genres.

While the Zombie Squad has kicked off the Zombie Apocalypse of 2012, this epidemic won’t be nearly as much fun without regular people like you to contribute to the cause.

However, because some people might think the Zombie Apocalypse is real (just ask Orson Wells), please take a moment to refer people to this web page when sharing your zombie stories, sightings, videos or pictures. http://underwordsblog.com/special-features/zombie-apocalypse-2012/

Also, feel free to use the Zombie Apocalypse 2012! banner with your blog posts and link it back to this web page since we REALLY don’t want people thinking that Martians (or zombies) have landed. Then again, the zombies are on the move, hunting for bones to gnaw, flesh to rend, and brains to slurp.  Remember, everyone knows Zombies aren’t “real”. Nod. Nod. Wink. Wink.

For those of you Tweeting the Apocalypse, be sure to use the Twitter hashtag #ZombieApoc2012 so that people can follow along!

The Zombie Squad



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