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Signal Boost: Shirley Jackson Awards & the Lit Reator Workshop

Ever since I opened my first Stephen King novel, I have been a huge fan of the horror genre. Eventually, I discovered the tales of the amazing Shirley Jackson–a author who is, has been, and will always be an icon … Continue reading

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Interview: Kickstarting Fearful Symmetries by Ellen Datlow & Chizine Publications

Have you heard of the new horror anthology Fearful Symmetries, which is also a killer new¬†Kickstarter project by award winning editor Ellen Datlow and Chizine Publications? I’m sure that most people (with a heartbeat) have heard of Kickstarter, but for … Continue reading

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Best Horror of the Year Vol 5 (2012) – Ellen Datlow is Looking for Reprint Stories

This is a signal boost for Ellen Datlow’s search for the best horror short fiction published in the calendar year of 2012. If you would like her to consider your story or anthology, please read the text from Ellen Datlow’s … Continue reading

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Bloodstones Anthology: Group Interview

Bloodstones is a project that I have really enjoyed working on with editor Amanda Pillar. I’m one of the contributing authors, and my story is titled “The Foam Born.” When I saw the submission guidelines, I absolutely loved the idea … Continue reading

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Whew! We made it through. The Zombie Apocalypse is Over.

It was a crazy couple of days with tons of zombie sightings all over the U.S. Special thanks to all of the writers and readers who chipped in with a zombie post. We hope you enjoyed the Apocalypse! Check out … Continue reading

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Of Irony and Zombies

I never thought zombies were real. People were getting sick and “undying” all over the world, and then they’d come home and zombify their loved ones, too. I guess that’s one way to live forever with the people you love. … Continue reading

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Whispers and Rumors: We Interrupt this Message…Again!

Rumors. Whispers. Conspiracy theories. The world’s going crazy or something. I’m sitting here, trying to watch my television shows, and the news keeps cutting in with those medical stories. Come on. Fringe is on. Fringe! and Haven, too. Plus, The … Continue reading

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Two New Short Stories from Erin Underwood (Coming Oct 2013)

While it’s always fun to promote books and stories that I’ve enjoyed reading, it’s just as much fun to also announce my own good news. I have two short stories coming out in October 2013. Both of which I’m really … Continue reading

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Summer Reading for 2012

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Here’s a list of books (both published and forthcoming) that you may want to add to your reading list. There is a mixture of adult and young adult books here from … Continue reading

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An Interview with Dark Fiction Writer & Editor Tracy L. Carbone

I’ve said this before, and I can guarantee you that I’ll be saying it again, but one of the best things about having a literary blog is that you get to talk to some of the most amazing people. Interviewing … Continue reading

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