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Favorite Reads from 2022

I have started a blog over at I’ll repost relevant pieces here, but if you would also like to follow me on Medium, you can find me here: The following post was originally published on on January … Continue reading

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Interview with Trenna Keating (Doc Yewll) of SyFy’s Defiance

As you know, I’ve started blogging for Amazing Stories Magazine, which has been a lot of fun. One of my newest adventures was getting to interview Trenna Keating who plays Doc Yewll on SyFy’s new hit show Defiance. Yep. She’s … Continue reading

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Whispers and Rumors: We Interrupt this Message…Again!

Rumors. Whispers. Conspiracy theories. The world’s going crazy or something. I’m sitting here, trying to watch my television shows, and the news keeps cutting in with those medical stories. Come on. Fringe is on. Fringe! and Haven, too. Plus, The … Continue reading

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Underwords is a Top 50 Blog for Authors

It’s always fun to receive kudos every once in awhile. Today, I found out that Underwords has been picked as a Top 50 Blog for Authors by Tribal Messenger Daily, which is a website dedicated to helping writers. Here’s the … Continue reading

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The World SF Travel Fund – Help to Make a Difference

The Internet has bridged many of the physical gaps that have kept fans, readers, writers, publishers, etc., from coming together as a worldwide community. Nowadays, it is common to interact with people all over the globe, chatting about great SF/F/H … Continue reading

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Supernatural Noir – Enter to Win a Signed Copy!

Award winning editor Ellen Datlow is giving away 5 (YES! FIVE!) signed copies of her new anthology Supernatural Noir. The copies will be signed by Ellen Datlow and several of the contributing authors including Gregory Frost, Jeffrey Ford, John Langan, Rick Bowes, … Continue reading

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The Many Mysteries of Charles Tan: An Interview

Charles Tan is the blogger behind one of speculative fiction’s top blogs, Bibliophile Stalker. While much of the content on his site pertains to Philippine speculative fiction, Tan has his finger on the pulse of the SF/F industry. Not only … Continue reading

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