List of Young Adult Science Fiction Anthologies

Reading short science fiction is a great way to introduce young adult readers to the genre. However, finding a “SF” only anthology for young adults isn’t quite as easy as you might think. For the dedicated searcher, there are some great books out there–many of which include stories by the top authors in the field. Here’s a quick list of YA science fiction anthologies that you might enjoy:

FD2Reprise After
ShardsandAshes DiverseEnergies
FirebirdsRising Futuredaze
Timewarp DarlingsofSF
Firebirds ChildrenofInfinity

If you know of any other science fiction only YA anthologies, feel free to post the titles in the comments since they are a bit more difficult to find than mixed genre YA, fantasy YA, or paranormal YA anthologies.

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